Raised in a household where 7 languages were spoken, “Slangman” David Burke has revolutionized language learning worldwide for teens, adults and children.

FOR TEENS & ADULTS, he has authored over 30 language books on idioms & slang to help English learners integrate into American culture by teaching them our “real” language spoken by all ages, as well as typical slang and jargon used in the workplace. His books have been used by UCLA, NYU, Boston University, the US State Department, Berlitz, and other major institutions, and have sold well over a million copies. He is considered the go-to expert on slang, idioms, and cultural do’s and don’ts, and continues to appear as a regular on-camera personality and word master on CNN, BBC, Spectrum 1 News, Voice of America, and a variety of national and international TV/Radio/Internet broadcasts. He is also the host of the new video podcast “SLiNGiNG THE SLANG!”

FOR CHILDREN, he has created “The Magic Morphing Fairy Tales”™ which morph from English to a foreign language (and in reverse). He is also the star of “Hey Wordy!” a TV project that introduces children to world languages and cultures through animation, music, and magical adventures and the recipient of the Parent Teacher Council Award. David is the founder of Slangman Publishing which specializes in materials on idioms & slang, and language books for children.