Whether you’re learning in a classroom OR by yourself, The Slangman Guide to STREET SPEAK 3 MP3 Audio will teacher you even more idioms and slang term that can be hard to understand…until now!

Make sure not to miss the first 3 chapters on popular dating slang — everything from the pick up (“beginning of the relationship”) to the break up (“end of the relationship”)!

Once you learn all the slang used in dating, you’ll definitely know if someone is either hitting on (“flirting with”) you or just not into (“not interested in”) you!

The Slangman Guide to STREET SPEAK 3 MP3 Audio contains popular chapters on slang and idioms associated with:

  • Dating & Relationships
  • Emergency Situations
  • Television & Entertainment
  • Teens & Students (Jr. High – University)
  • Being Politically Correct
  • Sports (Popular terms used in daily conversations)
  • Foreign Words that Americans Used Every Day
  • Alliterations & Repeating Words
  • “The Slangman Files” – a special section in each chapter with slang & idioms used in categories