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STREET SPEAK 1 Teacher’s Guide (Paperback)


ISBN: 9781947601062

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The STREET SPEAK 1 Teacher’s Guide will lead you through all sorts of creative and fun ways to use the Textbook and Workbook with one or more students! You’ll find dozens of suggested mini-lessons all focusing on reading, writing, listening, and speaking using everyday idioms and slang!

The Teacher’s Guide is packed with lots of fun, high-energy games and activities to get your students speaking and understanding like a native-born American in no time flat!

The STREET SPEAK 1 Teacher’s Guide, you’ll find:

  • Lesson Preps with variations
  • Ways to help students create their own stories or songs using idioms and slang
  • Questions that will get your students speaking right away
  • Fun games to help students speak and understand “Real Speak”
  • Lots of groups activities for reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Suggested “Mini Lessons” in each chapter
  • Extra fun challenges to engage the students
  • Written production, spoken production, and visual activities at the end of each chapter
  • Post unit activity at the end of each chapter, using the weekly video, “Slangman Fridays”

…and that’s just in the first 2 chapters!

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STREET SPEAK 1 Teacher’s Guide (Paperback)